Eco-friendly ionic system: how it works

Thanks to the electrolysis, tap water destroys dirt without any kind of chemical detergents!

The operating principle of IONICS cleaning solution is based on the ionization of water, through the electrolysis process: a low voltage charge temporarily breaks down the water molecules into microbubbles with negative and positive charges.

When the ionized water, rich in active oxygen, runs into dirt it's able to loosen the surface tension, thus allowing easy removal and cleaning. It acts as a kind of magnet, without using dangerous chemicals.


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Ionic system: the operation

In detail, the patented IONICS technology is activated pressing the dispensing button: the water is pushed through an electrolytic cell to trigger the electrolysis process, which aims to temporarily break down the water molecules into microbubbles with negative and positive charge.

Our professional cleaning system generates ionized water at the time of use, just before dispensing on the dirty surface. Water electrolysis take place in the electrolytic cell, not in the tank, immediately after pressing the dispensing button.

Sprayed on the dirty surface for a few seconds, the ionized water is able to dissolve oily and dirt, allowing to removed them with a simple microfiber cloth or disposable paper. Ionized water returns to its normal state after 30-45 seconds.

Stop also to fungi, molds and bacteria!

Tests in authorized laboratories have shown the excellent results of our universal ionic system even against the majority of microorganisms present on work surfaces, even those in direct contact with food.

Just press the dispensing button and spray the ionized water for at least 3 seconds at a distance of 15-20 centimeters and leave on for 5 seconds: you can eliminate salmonella, escherichia coli, listeria monocytogenes, yeasts, fungi and molds from the worktops.

NB. repeat the procedure twice to achieve up to 99.9% of disinfection and a significant reduction of the bacterial count on the smooth surfaces.


Why develop a universal eco-friendly ionizer?

The idea arose from the research for a practical and effective solution able to solve the problem of smell that chemicals leave after the traditional cleaning process as well as the risk of exposing operators to potentially dangerous substances.

Ionized water, indeed, has no contraindications for people or food: it has no side effects if it's inhaled or if it comes into contact with the skin.

Our universal and eco-friendly ionic system can help you build a sustainable future: it does not waste water or release any dangerous chemical substance into the environment, nor does it produce or leave residues dangerous to health. Moreover, the long life of its components reduces the environmental impact and protects important natural resources.

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